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SAFE, Security and Freedom for Europe, is a no-profit association specialised in the design and implementation of EU-funded projects in the area of security, defence, peace, stability and fundamental rights with a special focus on CBRNe risk mitigation at European and non-European critical infrastructures. Amongst the services it provides feature, the provision of training and equipment, top-level policy advice, technical competence from experienced practitioners, effective project management and innovative monitoring and evaluation. Within the TRANSTUN project SAFE is consortium leader (therefore responsible for the coordination of project management) and contact point for Italian CBRN expertise engagement (through the CBRN P3 cluster, of which it is a member).

Mr. Federico Benolli, Project Director
federico@safe-europe.eu | www.safe-europe.eu

Since 2003, Ouvry specialises in CBRN personal protective systems and has the mission to define with its clients the most adapted CBRN protection system for their environments and constraints. For this reason, Ouvry developed a large range of PPEs for all CBRN and TICs risks and adapted them to military and civilians needs. Ouvry creates and manufactures in France all the product portfolios in a way that meets ever-changing requirements. Being a creator rather than a follower is in Ouvry’s DNA just like involving the partners of its ecosystem in the design of products’ components. Ouvry’s innovative products are intended for all intervention operators – from soldiers and law enforcement staff, to firefighters, first responders and medical staff (ambulances & hospital) – and for a comprehensive range of situations – from those involving CBRN security, health crisis and industrial disasters, to critical infrastructures’ incidents and maintenance. The fact that Ouvry has adapted to the specific operational needs of its clients has made him the historical supplier of organisations such as RATP, SNCF and the European Parliament, but also of nuclear power plant safety and security teams, port areas, airports, and railway stations. ENCIRCLE coordinator for EU CBRN suppliers, within the TRANSTUN project Ouvry coordinates CBRN equipment standardization processes, procurement and testing.

info@ouvry.com | www.ouvry.com

Lombardi is an independent engineering company founded in 1955 which has more than 500 engineers and is located in a dozen countries around the world. The services offered by the Lombardi Group include all aspects related to complex infrastructure projects, from design to implementation.The Lombardi Group supports customers throughout the work cycle and assists in the operation and maintenance of structures and equipment. Lombardi’s expertise in road tunnel safety and intervention procedures is marked. In fact, the group has several Tunnel Safety Officers and Experts working within the company. As part of the TRANSTUN project, Lombardi is the operational guidelines and live testing coordinator.

Mr. Damien Tillet, Deputy CEO
damien.tillet@lombardi.group | www.lombardi.ch

HCL, Hospices Civils de Lyon, is France’s second university hospital. With over 23.000 employees and 14 facilities, HCL provides all patients with 365 days a year and 24 hours a day access to care – area referent for exceptional health situations. HCL coordinates several national reference centers including those for rare lung diseases, care kidney diseases and cystic fibrosis, and has a disaster medical assistance team. Within the TRANSTUN project, HCL is coordinator of medical planning and response tasks, particularly in relation to guidelines and live testing.


Novadays is a global research and consulting firm specialised in the design and implementation of innovation and capacity building projects, public policies (including Defense and Security Policies, but also Transport and Infrastructure or Energy Public Policies) and management of the public sector – with the aim of improving economic and social development. Within the TRANSTUN Project Novadays is tasked with coordinating the risk assessment on chemical threats to EU cross-border tunnels.

Mrs. Beatriz Viniegra, Project Manager

B&S Europe is a global development and international cooperation consultancy operating in the sectors of security, justice, governance and outreach – with in-depth experience in communications campaigns and events planning. We work with CBRN risk mitigation centers, law enforcement agencies, and Government Ministries to design and develop solutions to improve security, promote effective inter-agency cooperation, institutional development and innovation. We support CBRN risk-mitigation by providing operational and strategic guidance in over 110 countries, including Lebanon, Philippines, and Uzbekistan. Within the Transtun Project B&S Europe is the engagement and networking coordinator with a focus on events and outreach activities.

Mr. Nicholas Handford, Project Manager
nicholas.handford@bseurope.com | www.bseurope.com

Established in 1982, University Tor Vergata is the leading EU University in CBRN research and training, has NATO selected status, and is an affiliate of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons and of the Italian Ministry of Defence and of Interior. Amongst the programs offered through its six schools, UNITOV features a 1st and 2nd level International Master’s degree in protection against CBRN events aimed at preparing highly specialised first responders and advisors to decision makers (www.mastercbrn.com, www.qepresearch.it). Within the TRANSTUN project UNITOV is research leader in all work packages and focuses on desk analysis, risk assessment and elaboration of guidelines.

Dr. Gaudio Pasqualino, Coordinator of “Protection against CBRNe events” Master Courses
gaudio@ing.uniroma2.it | www.web.uniroma2.it